+What custom projects can you do?

We can do a wide variety of custom projects. Check the portfolio for a sample of recent projects. Keep in mind this is only a small collection of completed jobs. If you need something specific done that is not shown feel free to contact us.

+How do I budget for a renovation?

Do your renovation in stages. Choose an order that makes sense. Know how much money you have to spend and plan every year for that expense.

+Where in the house should I begin?

Start with the kitchen and bathroom since those are the rooms that people use the most. During the spring and summer the deck is another popular renovation.

+What renovation tips do you have?

Take your time. Do not rush. Do not be in a hurry to get things done. Make sure it gets done right the first time.

Research materials and products. Go to your local home improvement center and check things out. Ask questions. Look online. Choosing the correct materials and products now so you do not have to make changes later.

+What do I look for in a contractor?

Make sure they are licensed and insured. Check their references. Ask lots of questions. Trust your instincts when making your decision.

+Are there any inexpensive renos?

Start with paint. A new coat of paint will make a huge difference. Replacing plain white or dull dark walls with bright colours will open up your spaces. Perhaps some crown moulding and new carpet as well.

+How can I make a room look bigger?

Eliminate clutter. Big TV stands and wall units only contribute to the clutter. Keep the TV and get rid of any oversized pieces of furniture. The less clutter the bigger your room will look.

+What happens if you mess up?

We can help you. Our work is guaranteed. Have it done with quality. Have it done by us.